THEY DON’T SPEAK FOR ME: Five ways the church can respond to Gay Marriage

During June of 2008, a group of influential Christian leaders from the U.S. started a website called ‘’. It was in response to some political statements that Dobson had made about Barrack Obama. Although they admired Dobson for his work with families and deeply respected him as a Christian leader, they did not believe that he spoke […]

Tim Keller’s Lectures on Preaching

Tim Keller has given four lectures which cover the content from his book ‘Preaching‘…  Lecture 1- What is Good Preaching? [watch | listen] Lecture 2- Preaching to Secular People and Secularized Believers [watch | listen] Lecture 3- Preaching the Gospel Every Time [watch | listen] Lecture 4- Preaching to the Heart [watch | listen] SHARE THIS ON FACEBOOK 


DRIVING PRINCIPLES Driving Principle #1 – Every church needs to decide if it will drive people through the Law or through Grace. Churches that drive people through the Law focus on what we do for God. Their main goal is to get people to behave like Jesus. Churches that drive people through Grace focus on what God does […]

Why I believe in Church Planting

There are heaps of church leaders who have far better things to say than me. But after reading everything I can on church planting, and having been involved in launching 5 new congregations, I wanted to try and articulate why I actually believe that church planting is worth our lives… 1. BRISBANE NEEDS MORE THAN […]

Seeker-Sensitve Church Services (Part Three)

PRACTICAL STEPS ‘SEEKER SENSITIVE’ VS. ‘EXCELLENCE’ The first thing that needs to be clarified about ‘seeker-sensitive services’ is that they do not necessarily have to value ‘excellence’ or feel like a ‘performance’. Consider the following table… It is possible to have a service that values ‘excellence’, but only caters for believers (Quadrant 1). It is […]