How to give feedback

Here are some thoughts on how to give feedback… GOALS #1 To help people and leaders grow and develop #2 To be extremely practical and specific so as to allow people to actually move forward #3 To not overwhelm people or unnecessarily diminish their confidence. The goal is to build people up not bring them […]


THE MODEL The easiest way to understand Delegation is to consider a Game of Soccer. STEP #1 – CLEARLY DEFINE HOW TO WIN In a game of Soccer, you win by scoring more goals than the opposition. Clarifying the win is so important because it puts everyone on the same page, it is the filter […]

How to motivate people

From what I can tell, there is one extremely ineffective & damaging way to try and motivate people, and four very effective ways to try and motivate people. INEFFECTIVE >> GUILT, CRITICISM & FEAR This is by far the most common form of motivation. Churches & Christian Leaders are especially good at this. But we see […]