How to give feedback

Here are some thoughts on how to give feedback…


#1 To help people and leaders grow and develop

#2 To be extremely practical and specific so as to allow people to actually move forward

#3 To not overwhelm people or unnecessarily diminish their confidence. The goal is to build people up not bring them down.


#1 The person giving the feedback needs to follow the 5:1 ratio (5 positives, 1 step for improvement)
> This ratio is based on 30 years of research from Gallup (see “How Full is Your Bucket” by Tom Rath)
> It keeps people’s confidence in tact and allows them to focus on what they are doing right and not just what they need to improve. It is much easier to repeat what you are doing right rather than improve something that you are doing wrong.
> This is also important for the person giving the feedback. People won’t follow us as leaders unless they know that we believe in them and want what is best for them. We should ensure that we are making many deposits before we make withdrawals (see ‘Love Tank’ concept from “The 5 Love Languages” by Gary Chapman)

#2 The person giving the feedback is not to speak on behalf of others without giving names
> For example, saying ‘People say that you are boring when you speak’ is unhelpful. This could imply that it is something that everyone thinks, when in reality it is just one or two people who hold to an extreme view.

#3 The person giving feedback needs to recognize that they are one of many voices
> Although feedback from one person is helpful. Feedback from many people is much more valuable. When giving feedback, we should encourage people to go and ask others for their input so as the get a balanced perspective.

#4 As a leadership team, we are to work very hard at supporting people publicly.
> We are in a professional environment, and we are to ensure that we praise each other and others publicly.

Here’s an example of how to give feedback in a church context…



1. The teach people and remind them of the gospel & show how the gospel changes everything

2.    To evangelize unbelievers

3.    To equip believers to grow and live a life of mission

GUIDELINES (Please Tick ☑)

☐ Gospel-Centered

☐ Biblical

☐ Be Clear

☐ Don’t be boring

☐ Sensitive both believers and unbelievers

FEEDBACK (Should look to have 5 positives and 1 thing to improve)