Developing a Church Mission, Process, Program and Goals

There’s lots of ways to run a church, but this is how I tend to set them up in terms of the Mission, Process, Program and Goals…


To lead Non-Believers to become Grace-Driven, Spirit-Empowered, Missionaries


1. EXPERIENCE God’s Grace

2. CONNECT with each other

3. GROW in our intimacy with Jesus

4. IMPACT the world


1. EXPERIENCE (Sundays)
Sundays must be a place where both believers and non-believers of all ages feel welcome to come as they are and experience the life-changing message of God’s grace.

2. CONNECT (Small Groups)
Small groups must be communities where people can connect with each other and build genuine friendships.

3. GROW (Time with God)
Although both Sundays and Small Groups will help facilitate spiritual growth, they can only take people so far. Eventually believers need to take responsibility for their own spiritual growth and seek to grow in their intimacy with Jesus by spending time with Him on a daily basis.

4. IMPACT (Mission Opportunities)
The end result of the discipleship journey is that believers will be sent out to fish for men and women who desperately need Jesus. And because we are seeking to reach all kinds of people, we need to be open to all possible means. This will include both formal and informal opportunities. Both ‘come and see’ and ‘go and tell’ approaches. Practically speaking, some examples of how believers might seek to impact the world include: RE Teaching, Alpha, Mainly Music, Men’s Shed, Play Group, Carols, Special Events, Youth Group, Friendship Evangelism, etc.


(These goals would mostly need to be assessed through an anonymous 6-monthly survey).

> 10 to 20% Conversion Growth per year
> 95% of attenders feel confident on any given Sunday that their unbelieving friends would find the service welcoming and relevant.
> 80% of our believers believe that Sundays generally remind them of who Jesus is and what He has done for them.

> 100% of our average Sunday attendance are in small groups
> 80% of our small group attenders would describe themselves as having at least 6 friendships within 6 months of attending the church.

> 80% of our regular attenders would describe themselves as ‘growing in their intimacy with Jesus’ as opposed to remaining ‘stagnate’ or ‘going backwards’.
> 80% of our regular attenders are spending some time reading the Bible and praying at least 5 days per week.

> 80% or our regular attenders are sharing their faith with unbelievers at least once per month.
> 80% of our regular attenders would describe themselves as being used by God to make an eternally significant difference
> 80% of our regular attenders are giving at least 10% of their income to the church and/or other causes.