Helpful Free Resources for Preaching

Images and Titles for Message Series

Church Sermon Series Ideas
Creation Swap
Ministry Pass
Life Church Open
Church Marketing Lab on Flickr (use the search box that’s half way down the page, not the one at the top)

Tools for Creating Better Slides

Tools for Downloading Videos from YouTube

Tools for Editing Videos

Images for Sermons

Free Bible Images (This is really extensive)
The Brick Testament (Uses Lego to create images)

Videos for Sermons

Lumo (The Four Gospels, Real Actors, NIV Narration)
The Bible Project (Bible Book / Theology Overviews using Animation)
Superbook (Comic Strip Animation of Bible Stories for Children)
I am Second (Testimony Videos inc Celebrities)
Explore God (Short Videos explaining difficult questions)
Movie Trailers
Top 40 Music Videos
Best of YouTube